Active Portfolio

Minksha Innovation Pvt Ltd

The team is engaged in the field of Assured Farming Value Chain for Organic Milk Distribution.

Aesthetika Eco Research Pvt Ltd

The team is developing a eco and environment friendly bio based home care cleaning products.


The team is providing technology-based innovations such as Dronetech, Robotics, Remote Sensing etc. to impart the skill-based education to empower youth.

Master Technologies Private Limited

The team is developing an “Air Sterilizing Unit Disinfectant Purified Ionization System” to produce air sterilizing reagent that attract on corona virus outer surface and destroys the outer shell of the bacteria making it ineffective.

M/S. Shri Ram Samarth Biotech

The team is producing tissue culture Banana, Teak plants, and bio fertilizers at a commercial level by using plant and micropropagation techniques.