Sector wise representation of KCIIL startups

Past Startups

1. Minksha Innovation Pvt.Ltd.

The team is engaged in the field of Assured Farming Value Chain for Organic Milk Distribution.

2. DRT FLY Pvt.Ltd.

The team is providing technology-based innovations such as Dronetech, Robotics, Remote Sensing etc. to impart the skill-based education to empower youth.

3. M/S Shri Ram Samarth Biotech


The team is producing tissue culture Banana, Teak plants, and bio fertilizers at a commercial level by using plant and micropropagation techniques.


Active Startups

1. Master Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

The team is developing an “Air Sterilizing Unit Disinfectant Purified Ionization System” to produce air sterilizing reagent that attract on corona virus outer surface and destroys the outer shell of the bacteria making it ineffective.

1. Aesthetika Eco Research Pvt.Ltd.

The team is developing an eco and environment friendly bio-based home care cleaning products using Bio-based Technology composed of fermentation and plant based natural products which are completely safe to human health and environment.

3. Nature Bio Agent Bio Control Lab

They are using trichocards staple on the Lower side of the leaf facing eggs to the ground to avoid direct sunlight. trichogramma bio agent use as a bio control of different crop pest.

4. Cattle Feed Innovation

The team is working on the development of bioorganic food that would be beneficial to dairy animal for their health and obtain high quality of milk with maximum amount of starch and protein.

5. Audio Book Publishing house

The team is creating an app which will have a library of books in audio form, also user can add pdf, docs to convert them to audio via machine code and audio synthesis and an additional feature would be there to suggest books to the user as per his/her interest.

2. Samarth Online Services

They are focusing on hydroponic cultivation of  Ashwagandha to avoid soil erosion.

3. Healthy Crumbs Pvt.Ltd.

Team is developing cost effective products such as Spirulina Powder, Truffles, Protein rich Peanut bar. Aim is to start commercial farming based on integrated multitrophic aquaculture with contract farming to generate employability at larger scale.

8. Supriya Charging Infrastructure (SCILLP)

The team is developing a device to check the state of battery and accordingly provide the charging current to increase the life of the battery for E vehicles.

9. Sykem Pharma

The team is developing all the Nitroso amine impurity’s products and processes environmental benign, high quality and cost effective”. They have validated multiple methods to determine low level concentration of nitrosamines.

10. Firebird.VR

The team bring the latest advancements in AR & VR to education and work with students and educators to re-imagine what education can be.

4. AgriKranti Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Agri Kranti Fertilizer Calculator provides flexibility to farmers to choose the fertilizer grade with right mix, right quantity, optimum yield.

12. Suture House

Team is providing assured healthcare allied products & services such as surgical sutures, Surgical Hernia mesh & kits and Skin Staplers value chain through digital platform from where doctors can search and choose the products as per their specific needs at lowest possible rates specially.

5. Ram Antivirus Pvt. Ltd.

Team has developed an antivirus that detects newborn malware using predictive methodologies and offer zero-day malware protection. It continuously monitors the running processes with cloud making it independent of the system resources like RAM.

14. Probiotic & Aquaculture

The team is developing the blend of probiotics in bulk for the aquaculture applications. The probiotics are the beneficial microbes to their host. The fermentative technology will be utilized to produce the soil & water probiotics for the different cultivation of aquaculture.

15. Utensil Washer

Team is developing a low-cost Semi-Automatic Friction-based utensil washer.

16. SRC Homecare

Team is developing daily used chemical free products which are not harmful for human body and are affordable.

17. Eco Smart Perfumery works

The team is making affordable and efficient Agarbatties, Dhoop sticks and lobhan Diya from wastage of temple flowers, cotton branches, banana trunk & peels etc.

7. Nasakh Agro Entotech Pvt Ltd

8. Mr. Amit Jain

9. Orgonutrients Pvt Ltd (Dr Swapnil Sonawane)

10. Parivartan Innovation Pvt Ltd

11. Mr. Nilesh Kotkar (Suture House pvt Ltd)

12. Robofeast Town Pvt Ltd

13. Mahurkar Innovatives Pvt Ltd (Mr. Jitendra Kasar)

14. Kishore Marathe